Someone once said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

While that might be true for a youthful crush, for a local economy like ours the absence of visitors and tourism dollars coming into our valley is being felt by the restaurants, hotels, and locally-owned businesses that make our community the vibrant and unique place that it is.

It’s important that we as Washingtonians come together to support each other when the going gets tough. Just because you can’t #pickwenatchee and visit right now doesn’t mean you can’t support the businesses that make the Wenatchee Valley the amazing place it is!

Until we are cleared to welcome back visitors to our beautiful valley and resume normal operations, we could use your help…

Be a part of preserving the unique culture and locally-owned businesses of the Wenatchee Valley by visiting our website and supporting our members by purchasing gift cards and goods that can be shipped directly to you, like high-quality footwear from American Shoe Shop and Performance Footwear, athletic apparel and cycling gear from Arlberg Sports and Trek. Or think outside of the box and subscribe to iLa Yoga’s new on-demand subscription service and enjoy guided yoga sessions from the comfort of your own home. Or help support one of your favorite Wenatchee Valley restaurants by purchasing gift cards you can use when we fully reopen!

One of our favorite fishing holes and btw, you can fish in you local areas now!

Show your love for the Wenatchee Valley by sharing your favorite latergrams with the hashtags #pickwenatchee, #visitwenatchee and #NCWlove

Scroll back through your camera roll or social media feed and find your favorite pic or video from a trip to the Wenatchee Valley and post it on Instagram with the hashtags #pickwenatchee, #ncwlove and #visitwenatchee. When you post, tell us when you snapped the pic and where you were in the Wenatchee Valley when you took it!

If you use any or all three in your latergrams you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to your favorite Wenatchee Valley business AND your photo or video could get featured in an upcoming Visit Wenatchee tourism ad!

And follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for snapshots from some of the region’s best photographers during the month of May

Just because you can’t visit right now doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of the Wenatchee Valley through the eyes of the locals who capture it best.

Marisol, a local photographer and model, showcases our valley like no one else.

During the month of May, we’ll be sharing iconic imagery of our beloved Wenatchee Valley captured by some of our region’s best photographers. We’ll also be telling the stories behind the photo – how they got the shot, what they were feeling and thinking, and what they love most about the Wenatchee Valley.

Follow along and learn more about our beautiful valley, and also please follow and support the businesses and organizations that make this place so special!

Stay near home, stay safe, share the #ncwlove, #visitwenatchee, #pickwenatchee and come back soon!

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