Mexican food lovers are no doubt aware of taco trucks.Although theoretically mobile, most taco trucks in North Central Washington setup in one location. Most have outdoor seating; some have simple, separatebuildings for people to enjoy their meals in out of the elements – an importantoption for the region’s ever-changing weather.

However, if you’ve ever searched for taco trucks inWenatchee or the surrounding area, you may have realized that they can be hardto find. If you’re having trouble finding taco trucks, you can also search for taquerias, which basically translates toa taco shop. However, this doesn’t always turn up taco trucks – brick andmortar establishments are also taquerias.

So, to help all you taco lovers out there, I have gone insearch of the elusive taco trucks. I have asked others’ opinions, searched invain at specific addresses, and tested the tacos to make sure you know whatyou’ll get before you arrive. Most of these taco trucks accept credit cards,but you may want to bring cash just in case!

Types of Tacos

Before we get started, here’s a breakdown of some of themost common types of tacos you’ll find at a taco truck:

  • Asada: grilled and cubed beef
  • Adobada: seasoned and cubed pork
  • Barbacoa: barbecue-spiced beef brisket
  • Lengua: tongue. Don’t let this scare you. Whencooked well, tongue is a tender, juicy cut of meat and worth a try.
  • Tripa: tripe, or gut. Once again, worth the tryfor the adventurous eater. It tends to be sweeter and juicier than other meatoptions.
  • Pollo: chicken. It’s usually shredded andspiced.

Usually the tacos are served with chopped onions, cilantroand radish slices. Some also include lime slices, grilled onions and/or aroasted jalapeño.

Most taquerias serve homemade salsas for the tacos. There’s usually at least a green salsa and a red one. Depending on their ingredients, one will be hotter than the other, but it’s not always the same one – test with caution if you’re spice-sensitive!

Aguas frescas

Aguas frescas arefreshly-made juices. There are many kinds, most made with tropical fruits orflowers, such as hibiscus, mango, lime, pineapple and more. Horchata is another freshly made drink,made with rice that has been blended into a creamy drink with cinnamon, sugarand vanilla. Not all taco trucks serve aguas frescas but I’ve noted the onesthat do below.

Best Tacos

Taquería Luna

Taqueria Luna

821 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee

Open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Types of tacos: asada, adobada, pollo, lengua and tripa,each served on two mini tortillas.

Taquería Luna on the corner of Wenatchee Avenue and BentonStreet gets the award for best tacos. I asked the owner and he admitted I haddiscovered his secret: when you order the tacos, they put the meat back on thegrill to heat it to piping hot (most taco trucks cook the meat in batchesthroughout the day, then put it in a warming pan for fast, easy prep.) Theyalso heat the tortillas on the grill, too, which means they’re hot and greasyfrom the meat and incredibly delicious.

Tacos La Roca

the place

2212 Chelan Falls Rd., Chelan

Open Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; Friday andSaturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sundays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tacos Served: asada, adobada, pollo, lengua and tripa

The Tacos

Tacos La Roca also earns a best in show. This relatively new taco truck in Chelan has only been open since March 2019, but they’re already gaining a loyal following. They’re located on the east end of Chelan, next to the Les Schwab. Not only are their tacos great, they make their own tortillas – the only taco truck I found in the area who do so.

Honorable Mentions

Tacos Tito

907 S. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee

Open Wednesday to Monday. Closed Tuesdays.

Author’s note: we called various times and couldn’t get adefinitive answer on their winter hours. The good news is that Taqueria Luna isonly one block north if you show up and Tacos Tito is closed.

Tacos Served: asada, adobada, pollo, lengua

the tacos

Tacos Tito, just one block south of Tacos Luna, is notablebecause they make and serve aguas frescas and horchata, plus they make a thirdhomemade salsa in addition to red and green salsa. Their third sauce is creamyand delicious, with an avocado base. They also get extra points for fantasticpresentation and eco-friendly paper plates. Although they take credit cards,you have to go in to the store next door to complete the transaction.

El Tapatio Ferry St.

201 Ferry St., Wenatchee

Open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6p.m. on Sundays.

Tacos Served: asada, adobada, pollo, lengua, barbacoa

El Tapatio on Ferry Street has a colorful sheltered seatingoption, aguas frescas and horchata. They’re a bit hard to get to because oftheir location, but their tacos are worth the trip if you’re in the area.

Taquería Morelia

710 Grant Rd., East Wenatchee

Open every day 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Tacos served: asada, adobada, pollo, lengua, tripa, chorizo(sausage), carnitas, pescado (fish), camarón (shrimp)

Taquería Morelia, located at the carwash in front of thebowling alley in East Wenatchee, has by far the best selection of tacosavailable. Not only can you get all the standard fare, they’re the only tacotruck I found that serves shrimp and fish tacos. The fish tacos are breadedtilapia, and the shrimp is lightly seasoned and grilled. You can also getchorizo (spiced pork sausage) or carnitas, a succulent, delicious slow-cookedpulled pork option that is usually sautéed in oil after it’s been cooked togive it a delicious crunchy crust.

Tacos Morelia(Peshastin)

Corner of Main Street and Highway 2, Peshastin

Open Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Sundays.

Tacos Served: asada, adobada, pollo, lengua, barbacoa

If you’ve got hankering for tacos in the upper valley, TacosMorelia is conveniently located next to Highway 2, across from the bridge thatleads into downtown Peshastin.

Taquería TapatioCashmere

320 Sunset Highway, Cashmere

Open 10 a.m. to 9 pm., Tuesday to Saturday. Closed Sundaysand Mondays.

Tacos Served: asada, adobada, pollo, lengua, tripa, barbacoa

Part of the same family as the Taquería Tapatio truck inWenatchee, this truck in Cashmere has similar offerings. They do a boomingtrade among the employees at Crunch Pak, and they’re only a short walk fromdowntown.

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