Content provided by Wenatchee Outdoors - Sarah Shaffrer and reposted by permission.We know we are in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic taking place. Health and safety rules and regulations are changing daily. As of today, we have been ordered from our Governor to “stay home, stay healthy.” We can still enjoy bike rides, gardening and dog walking but need to keep six-feet away from others that are not in our household as noted here.Because of this, we are asking our community to please avoid using some of the foothills trails and the apple capital loop trail during peak hours (8am-5pm). If you show up and the trail is too crowded plan to try that spot another day.Right now nationwide, many outdoor meccas are being overrun with people from out of the area wanting to recreate there. This is not the time for that. Believe me, it is hard for all of us, but we really do need to be smart about what activities we are partaking in right now. Some State Parks and National Parks are closed to camping. It is time to stay local and be a homebody. Below are some ideas to keep you active.Activities to Do During the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order-

BIKE. Go on a bike ride. You can find 37 different longer rides to do in our road ride section of our guidebooks. Please consider that for a longer ride this may take you out of the town you live in. This could be an issue if you get a flat tire etc. So to play it safe, you may want to consider a shorter ride or bringing the necessary supplies with you if something were to break.

WALK/RUN. Go on a walk or run around your neighborhood or beyond. Team member Charlie Hickenbottom made a great variety of walking/running routes for Wenatchee which you can find here. This is also a great time to push yourself to do more walking or running than you are used to especially if you suddenly have more free time on your hands. Try to walk or run five miles around Wenatchee or 10, just remember to keep your six foot space-bubble from other walkers and runners.

WEIGHTS. Do some free weights, bands, stretches etc. from the comfort of your home. Plenty of local gyms are offering online workouts either printable materials or live videos. Our household has been enjoying a morning weight routine from the cozy spot of our driveway.GARDEN. Time to dust off the shovel, get out the gardening gloves and hit the yard. You can purchase seeds online or plants online from the comfort of your couch and prepare the garden for the rest of the year.HOUSE PROJECTS. Our household has been busy doing home remodel projects. You can order supplies from online retailers but may have to wait a few weeks to get the supplies, so make sure to prepare now and expect to wait a bit.BUY FROM LOCAL BUSINESSES. Our local economy is taking a big hit during this pandemic. Please consider purchasing local goods from our local businesses. Together Wenatchee is a grassroots organization that started in response to the Covid19 outbreak and they are still live on Facebook. They offer goods and services from local businesses that you can purchase on their website. Think of it as the Amazon shopping store for the Wenatchee area! We are grateful for all of our community members. We hope you stay safe and take care of yourselves during this difficult time for our world. Please be responsible on what you choose to do outside of your home. We are looking at the collective impact during this time and less of a personal one. We can do this together. 


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