One of the great aspects of training for triathlon in the Wenatchee Valley is not only the incredibly diverse and expansive terrain but also the rich and diverse fruits of the earth.A true cornucopia? A virtual garden? Yep, that’s the valley I call home.As a competitive athlete, I need to refuel my body from countless hours of swimming, biking and running. In so doing, I am always questioning the foods I choose and their value. Not only am I concerned with my foods’ nutritional density but also whether it is sourced sustainably and grown locally.The great news is that Wenatchee is full of people and businesses that either produce or source incredibly high-quality foods — and has been since the late 1890s. Wenatchee itself has been known for decades as the “Apple Capital of the World,” but within a half-hour of the community you will find dozens of other fruits and vegetables being grown.Pybus Public Market located along the shores of the Columbia River in downtown Wenatchee is a great place to start. Here I frequent D’Olivo for their high-quality and incredibly lovely tasting olive oils and vinegars, Also in Pybus is Mike’s Meats & Seafoods, an old-fashioned butcher shop, if you will, where you can find a large selection of high-quality meats and seafood, sourced mostly from the Pacific Northwest.


Wenatchee Farmers Market operates out of Pybus, too. But don’t miss other places that sell locally produced fruits and vegetables, including The Farmhouse Table CSA, Wenatchee Natural Foods, the Stemilt Retail Store, and Preys’ Fruit Barn, to name just a few. Get out and explore, you’re sure to find something new and possibly even save a few dollars while you’re at it.Make no mistake, I don’t always have the time and energy to prepare my own food, just like many of you. There are many great places to enjoying dining out while staying true to your health and nutritional needs. Here are not only my go-to establishments, but also my go-to dishes:McGlinn’s Public House — You can’t really go wrong with this menu, but you’ll notice, I’m a salad girl. Usually I stick with the Black and Blue Salad or the Grilled Hearts of Romaine with Grilled Chicken.Garlini’s Napolentana — You had me with the bike rack outside, but the food does not disappoint. I rarely make it past the salad options here as well, I’m a sucker for a refreshing Wedge Salad or the well-balanced and delicious Michelle’s Salad, but when I do the Gremolata Tuna is spot on and don’t miss the carrots alla casa, even if you have to share them with your buddies.Lulu’s Kitchen — Lulu’s has a refreshing take on dining options including plates where you can mix and match mains and sides to your liking. Though salads are kind of “my thing,” Lulu’s serves up my favorite burger in town. Yes, I did. Simple, classic, delectible!Hope you enjoy these places as much as I do. Bon appetite!- See more at:

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