We accepted an invitation from Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary to share a booth last month at the Seattle Bike Expo. They have been attending it for a few years promoting their popular Apple Century Bike Ride, which takes place in June. The Bike Expo is a big deal in the Puget Sound region, and attracts thousands of cyclists, both recreational and those interested in endurance events. We took the opportunity to promote other like events, such as the Tour de Bloom Cycling Omni, The Wenatchee Marathon and the Warrior Challenge, all coming up this spring. In the sports tourism business, it’s easy to get wrapped up in promoting and recruiting large team events, but attracting the individual “sports tourist” is every bit as important. This is especially true in the Wenatchee Valley, where quality outdoor recreation opportunities are expanding at an incredible rate. The Seattle Bike Expo provided a perfect forum for targeting and connecting with those who have a passion for cycling and running, and are looking for a change of scenery and new experiences.Speaking of expos, and a bit closer to home, Wenatchee Marathon organizers are taking an exciting step forward in celebration of their 10th anniversary run this year. The 1st annual TedDriven Wenatchee Marathon Expo will be held April 18 at the Stanley Civic Center, the day before the race. Marathon co-founder Lynda Finegold and her group are putting together a nice collection of running-related booths, including everything from outdoor gear vendors to local groups promoting events and related activities. If you’re interested in participating or need additional information, email lynda@teddriven.com.Matt Kearny – Wenatchee Valley Sports

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