RunWenatchee is feeling grateful following long pandemic layoff.Horse Lake and Red Devil are back and so are our runners!RunWenatchee is happy to report a steady stream of runners have been signed up for the May 8 Horse Lake Trail Runs in the Wenatchee Foothills and the June 5 Red Devil Trail Runs in the Wenatchee National Forest south of Cashmere. RunWenatchee is grateful for this support and eager to get back to putting on races after a long pandemic layoff."Right now, community wide, we are in pretty good shape," said RunWenatchee race director Joel Rhyner, referring to the current COVID numbers in Chelan and Douglas counties.The two events will incorporate social distancing and other measures meant to protect runners and spectators. RunWenatchee may take additional steps, including wave starts, aid station protocols, and mask requirements, depending on the status of the epidemic.RunWenatchee anticipates opening registration soon for our other races this year-July 4th River Run, October 16th's Oktoberfest Trail Runs, and November 25th's Turkey on the Run. COVID contingency plans will be in place for these events as well.RunWenatchee also is partnering with local ultrarunner Ed Henley in supporting his Wenatchee Rim 100k/50k/25k "Fat-ass style" event being held in September in the foothills and mountains that surround Wenatchee.If you have any questions about any of RunWenatchee's races this year, please email runwenatchee@gmail.comFor general RunWenatchee inquiries please email

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