Pybus Market's "Public Market" Sign illuminated at dusk.

Stemilt Creek Winery and Archibald James Wine and Cider are bringing their side-by-side production facilities downtown with a joint tasting room, “Off The Hill”. Pybus Public Market welcomes the new tenants, who will offer small-batch artisan wines and ciders, a cozy ambiance and something for every wine-lover.

The relationship between the two wineries goes back about three years, when the team at Archibald James was looking for a larger production space – and they found it at Stemilt Creek Winery.

Stemilt Creek

The owners of Stemilt Creek Winery, Kyle and Jan Mathison ,are fourth-generation farmers. Kyle’s family have been stewards of the land for over a century. They planted the first vineyards in 2001 and have been specializing in medium to full-bodied red wines. Bryan Noyd and Seth Cohen, co-owners of Archibald James began their production in 2018, focusing on both craft ciders and red and white wine.

Archibald James

The two wineries will bring Pybus Market-goers a bit of everything – some from a seasoned, fruit-growing veteran and the innovative “new kids on the block”. “Our vision for ‘Off the Hill’ was not to market as two separate businesses but as one business that has a large selection from two different wineries,” said Bryan Noyd, partner at Archibald James.

Stemilt Creek

In 2021, Stemilt and Archibald Jones decided to combine tasting rooms, seeing opportunities for growth and the chance to reach a variety of customers from the Wenatchee Valley and beyond.

Try Stemilt’s “Transforming Traditions” Cabernet Franc from2017, with grapes grown during warm days and cool nights, showcasing the benefit of generations of farming knowledge. Or one of Archibald James’ 100% organic fruit pressed ciders, created for wine-lovers – from apricot to cherry, rhubarb to lavender, dry to off-dry.

"Off the Hill” aims to open its doors and offer tastings sometime in the first two weeks of July. Stay updated on the opening and other news here.

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