Did you know Wenatchee’s very own Pangborn airport has some world-record aviation history behind it?

 It all started with Clyde Pangborn, who was one of America’s greatest pilots, and often nicknamed “Upside-down Pang” for his dare devilish stunts like wing walking and his car-to-plane transfers. Clyde was an eager pilot who wanted to make history and set a world-record in aviation.

 In 1931, Clyde set out with his co-pilot, Hugh Herndon, with one goal in mind: to set a new world record and accomplish the very first nonstop flight from Japan to the United States. They started their journey in Sabishiro Beach in Misawa, Japan, piloting a plane called Miss Veedol. They made it to East Wenatchee, 41 hours later, where they safely crash-landed their plane on a bluff.

 Ever since then, the Wenatchee Valley has been connected to Misawa and the aviation world. From this, Pangborn’s Festival of Flight was created to celebrate this profound historic event.

 Join us on June 22, from 9am-3pm, for this year’s Pangborn’s Festival of Flight. Not only will you get to see Miss Veedol up close, but you’ll also get to learn about Wenatchee’s aviation history and check out other historic airplanes. If this didn’t already sound like a great time, there will be food vendors, face painting, and more for everyone in your family to enjoy. The event is free to attend. Find out more here: https://www.eventeny.com/events/pangborns-festival-of-flight-7900/.


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