Fall is a stunning time of year as the Wenatchee Valley erupts in colorful autumnal awesomeness! A scavenger hunt is a perfect excuse to get outside with your family and enjoy the season. Burn off energy, explore the outdoors with your kids, and spend quality time together! You only need to grab a few things and hit the trails (or even the neighborhood if you choose to do a modified hunt).You Will Need:


  1. Print out the scavenger hunt PDF.
  2. If you want to reuse the scavenger hunt printable, you can slide it into a plastic page protector or laminate it. Use a dry erase marker to mark items as you find them.
  3. If you'd like, put the list on a clipboard and tie the marker or pencil to the clipboard. It makes it easier to record your findings (and no lost markers!).
  4. Now for the best part -- head on out into the sunshine and enjoy watching kids' senses come to life!

You can get even more out of the scavenger hunt by modifying it. Here are some other options:PHOTO HUNT

Arm the kids with an inexpensive camera so they can take a picture of each item as they find it. Or, make it a family event and do the hunt with them. You can be the official photographer and take their picture with/next to each item.

MAKE IT A CONTESTGive each person or team their own list and have them compete to find the most items in a set time period. The winner gets a prize and everyone enjoys a hot chocolate or a special activity after the game.BINGOIf you're dealing with short attention spans or limited time, this version is your friend. Whoever is able to mark off four items across, down or diagonal wins! Easy peasy.


Challenge everyone to make their own scavenger hunt (the goofier the better) and take turns completing them. Choose a theme like animals only, or different types and colors of leaves.

The important part is getting out there and having fun. Send us pictures from your scavenger hunt and we might post them on our social media. Happy hunting!

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