Bird Scooter downtown Wenatchee

Walked around downtown Wenatchee lately? You might have seen a couple black and grey e-scooters popping up on streets and sidewalks downtown. The Bird electric scooters came to town this year, and they offer a quick and easy way to zip around town, meet up with friends, go to the store and explore the city. Ditch the car and download the Bird App to start riding!

There are 80-100 Bird scooters in the Wenatchee area, and you can find one every couple of blocks or so in the vicinity of downtown. A flly-charged e-scooter can travel 15-20 miles, and the cost to unlock one is $1, and then it’s 39 cents per minute.

Here’s a suggested trip around Wenatchee on a Bird scooter:

Stop #1: Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center

First up, zoom on over to check out what the museum and cultural center has to offer. The featured exhibit is called “The Zoo in You: The Human Microbiome” and offers guests of all ages a chance to peak into the intricate and delicate ecosystem that exists inside of every one of us – and how it keeps us alive!

Stop #2: Little Reds Espresso & Bakery @ Pybus

Just a couple blocks away, park your scooter outside Little Reds for a latté and a fresh ginger molasses cookie. You may even find an uplifting note on your drink to brighten the day! You can also head into Pybus Public Market to browse artisan vendors crafts, like handmade jewelry and home décor, and the specialty goods from D’Olivo and McGregor Farms Honey & Meadery.

Stop #3: Sculpture Garden & Wenatchee Riverfront Park

Your ride along the Wenatchee Riverfront Park will offer gorgeous views and interesting sculptures to browse. Who would've thought you’d see a bronze chimp on a skateboard in Wenatchee? Take your time scooting down this trail to admire the valley’s talented artists and river and mountain views.

Stop #4: Wenatchee Valley Brewing Co.

Once you pass through riverfront park, you’ll come to the Wenatchee Valley Brewing Co. This small, local brewery offers beers for hop-lovers and those who prefer a refreshing pilsner. They also offer seltzers, hard kombuchas and ciders. Be sure to try the seasonal Oktoberfest Amber Ale!

Stop #5: Walla Walla Point Park

A few minutes down the street, you’ll hit Walla Walla Point Park. This huge park along the Columbia is equipped with sports courts, soccer fields, BBQ’s and swimming areas. If you venture just a bit further North, you’ll come across the Horan Natural Area where you can wander through wetlands full of wildlife.

Bird Scooters are for 18 and older, and as with any wheeled sporting activity we recommend wearing a helmet and paying attention to traffic rules. Remember to park in designated parking areas – your app will notify you once you’ve reached one. Enjoy your Bird scooter trip!

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