When visitors take the winding roads that lead out toBianchi Vineyards in East Wenatchee, they arrive at a well-curated space.Although it’s less than a 10-minute drive from the bustle of downtown EastWenatchee, it feels like the winery is world away from the everyday rush oferrands. People com for the quiet, the views and the wines that they can enjoy onthe Bianchi’s thoughtfully designed landscape, complete with a large lawn witha view for picnics, a shaded porch (with heaters in the winter months) with aview, and a modern, tastefully decorated tasting room, all designed to show offthe best their land has to offer.

“We wanted to create a beautiful setting where people canrelax,” says Doug. “What we’re hearing is that it has a really good vibe. Peoplesit outside and just gaze – they don’t even talk.”

The view

Their winemaking started five years ago. Kim signed the twoof them up for a wine-making class as a gift to Doug. It was obviousimmediately how interested Doug was in the subject.

“He kept interrupting the instructor to ask questions,” saidKim. Once they were in the class, Doug said, “my Italian heritage took over.”

Doug and Kim Bianchi

Their first wine was a 2014 Tempranillo that they gifted tofriends. Their Tempranillo is still their top-selling wine – the 2015 vintagerecently earned a medal at the North Central Washington Wine Awards Competitionearlier in 2019.

When Doug and Kim Bianchi first decided to buy property inCentral Washington, their plan was to have something small where they couldcome stay on a regular basis. Their plans changed when they found a 10-acrepiece of property in East Wenatchee, with sweeping views of the Columbia River,Mission Ridge and the cliffs across the river and above Malaga.

Sweeping Views

Two years later, the couple’s hard work has transformed theirproperty into a peaceful sanctuary: for them, their AirBnB guests, and – mostespecially – for their customers who come to drink the wine.

Not long after opening their winery, Doug and Kim gotmarried on the property, celebrating both their love for each other and thelove of the area they now call home.

Although they both have kept their day jobs – Kim is adental hygienist, and Doug is a consultant – the wine is a labor of love, andit shows in the space they’ve created for it on their property.

the wines

The couple decided on the Wenatchee area because it wasclose to skiing, friends and an airport – a necessary piece for Doug tocontinue his work. They moved from Arlington with some trepidation, admittedKim. She’d worked for the same dentist for 29 years.

“Doug had a vision; I didn’t,” she said. She kept thinking,“Should we do this? Should we do this? Yes, we should do this.”

Although it’s been a lot of work, they’re both glad to behere now.

“It’s like coming to hang out with family,” says TylerCrackenberger, founding member both the Bianchi Vineyard Club and their wineclub.

“People get a good vibe when they come here,” says Kim.“That was one thing Doug was striving for.”

The winery

“Aside from the view and the good vibe, it’s a comfortable,intimate setting. People really like that. The owners are available, and – mostimportantly – it’s good wine.”

Aside from wine, Bianchi Vineyards also draws people withmusic and food events. They’ve had crawfish boils and other food events cateredby Son of a Brisket Catering out of Leavenworth and are looking to grow theirfood offerings in the future. They’ve also hosted craft events, such as pumpkincarving, wreath making and more.

Bianchi Vineyards is family friendly. Pets and kids arewelcome: they keep snacks available for the kids who visit.

the glass

Their current wine list includes their award-winning 2015Tempranillo, 2017 Syrah, 2017 Sangiovese, Red Blend, 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, and2018 Rosé. The Rosé is almost sold out, so hurry if you want some!

You can visit Bianchi Vineyards at 4210 10th St.SE in East Wenatchee. Their hours are 2 to 6 p.m. on Fridays and noon to 5 p.m.on Saturdays. To learn about the Bianchis, their wines and events, go to bianchivineyards.com.

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