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As a professional photographer and videographer based in Wenatchee, I’ve got a pretty sweet job.This place is gorgeous, with accessible mountains, lots of well-maintained parks, and every way you look there are lakes and rivers – and it comes gift wrapped in four beautiful seasons. I get to see this place from head to toe on a daily basis and I love it as much for the people as for the recreation and the scenery.I do creative photo shoots with yogis and ballerinas, newly engaged couples and high school seniors. I shoot in places like Pybus Market, Ohme Gardens, the Loop Trail, the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center, and the Numerica Performing Arts Center – but my regular gig is shooting real estate for the Nick McLean Real Estate Group.In the last two weeks I’ve been to Chelan, Waterville, Quincy, Leavenworth, Cashmere, Plain, Entiat, Orondo, Malaga and all the way to the White River near the edge of the Glacier Peak Wilderness. I have seen the full range of scenery the region has to offer.What I’ve found is a small-town culture where people are quick to smile and engage you in a conversation. A place where strangers offer you tea, and if you’ve been here any amount of time at all you will discover lots of mutual acquaintances and friends. I’ve found a place where people don’t lock their doors at night, and even in the “worst” neighborhoods people care about their community and are quick to come out and greet you with a smile. A place where people value experience over extravagance and homes are more likely to have a hot tub, fire pit, or wine cellar than a luxury car in the driveway.Just when I start to think I’ve seen every neighborhood, or that I know all the views this place has to offer, I find a new one. I’ve been thinking about finding a new home lately and the hardest part is deciding where to look, because there are so many amazing neighborhoods. But one thing I do know: after moving around the Puget Sound for most of my life I’ve finally found a place that truly feels like home.– Brian AbbeyPhotographer, videographer and Wenatchee Valley Technological Skills Center Instructor

Ohme Gardens Dance Shoot-1990
Mud Bay Jugglers -6425
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