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Chelan County Public Utility District was formed in 1936 by local voters who wanted affordable power for rural as well as urban residents. The PUD delivered its first electricity 11 years later to a small group of customers near Lake Chelan. Today, the PUD operates three hydro projects that deliver clean, renewable, low-cost energy to local residents and to other utilities that serve millions of residents of the Pacific Northwest.

Chelan County PUD relies on the mighty Columbia River for much of its hydropower generation. We recognize this great river as a multi-use system and we're proud to take a leadership role in environmental stewardship. Each year the District dedicates millions of dollars and thousands of work hours to protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plant ecosystems. As part of hydropower operations, the PUD also built 14 parks that serve more than 3 million visitors each year.

Under the guidance of elected commissioners, the PUD continues to deliver affordable, dependable utilities to rural and urban areas alike while also emphasizing careful management of our natural habitats. The belief that local people are the best stewards of resources has guided District actions for 75 years. Our ties to the river, local residents and the region are long and strong.

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