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Captain's Cod Company was founded by Alaskan fishermen for seafood lovers everywhere. Our Captains sail aboard the finest and most advanced fishing vessels, catching 100% sustainable Wild Alaskan cod.

Captain Baz Lloyd was born and raised in Eastern WA. He has fished the icy waters of the Bering Sea for 20+ years aboard Alaskan Leader Fisheries' longlining vessels. These state-of-the-art fishing vessels use hook-and-line gear to haul each fish onboard one fish at a time. This method of fishing is considered the most eco-friendly and non-evasive process in the world. Through Captain Baz's many years in the fishing industry, and his original culinary passion, he created what is now our Captain's Cod Company menu.

Captain Shaun Andrew was born in Wenatchee Washington and raised in Kodiak, AK. He has fished the Bering Sea for 30+ years. Captain Shaun is an Owner/ Operator at Alaskan Leader Fisheries and Captain of the 187 ft., F/V Northern Leader. This flagship is where the absolute finest cod is harvested year-round. Within one hour of being caught, each fish is processed and frozen at sea, sealing in the freshest quality possible.

Captain's Cod Company was formed in honor of our late friend and founder of Alaskan Leader Fisheries, Mr. Nick Delaney. One of his many visions was to bring Alaska's finest codfish directly to the hands of consumers throughout the United States. We hope to carry out a piece of Nick's legacy in Captain's Cod Company, as we pay tribute to him through our hard work, to deliver to you the freshest and most delicious whitefish, Wild Alaskan Cod!

Our fish is shipped directly from the docks of Dutch Harbor Alaska to Captain's Cod Company, where we hand prepare it specially for our customers!

"From Our Boat to Your Basket," we welcome you aboard and hope to serve you soon!

Captain Baz & Captain Shaun

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