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The Loop is Wenatchee’s most famous trail. Along the western bank of Wenatchee’s riverfront, the paved trail follows a series of riverside parks along the Columbia River. Next, the trail crosses the Odabashian Bridge (Highway 97) on the north side of town. Then it follows the much wilder waterfront of East Wenatchee before re-crossing the Columbia on the Pedestrian Bridge (the first bridge spanning the Columbia built back in 1908) and returns to the starting point.

A few paved bike trails also connect to the Loop — on the east side of the pedestrian bridge you can follow a paved trail from the Loop 2.2 miles down the Columbia to Hydro Park. You can follow another paved spur leading from the east side of the Loop Trail at the Odabashian Bridge about 5.5 miles up the Columbia to Lincoln Rock State Park.

Walk – 10 miles of paved goodness awaits but there is plenty of green space as well. 

Swim – right there at Walla Walla Point Park 

Fetch – plenty of grassy knolls to run and play

Walk – 10 miles of continuous paved fun

Play – Walla Walla Point Park 

Playground equipment  

beach volleyball court is set up at Walla Walla Point Park too – 

swimming too

Bike – rent bikes at Pybus and enjoy!

Paddle – Stand up paddleboard rentals at Riverfront Rock Gym

Art – yep, there is a public art collection that includes the Riverfront Park  

Garden – check out the master Gardeners Xeriscape Garden

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See the link for more information. "Loop Trail" Apple Capital Loop Trail

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