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Our cars undergo a full 168 point safety and operability inspection BEFORE they undergo any of the legally required “official” inspections for licensing. Once our cars meet our demanding standards, they are insured and licensed, then they go to our shop to have their top lights, ad carriers, and meters installed. The meter then gets calibrated, and is certified by a licensed technician. From there, the car goes to our design studio where our official placards and signage are applied. Finally, our fleet tracking provider comes out and installs the security hardware -Cameras, vehicle diagnostic monitoring, and GPS tracking. Now the vehicle is an AC Checker Taxi!

Our drivers undergo several steps, as well, to qualify to get behind the wheel of one of our Lincolns!

Why do we do all this and rigorously hold such high standards? It’s simple: Public safety, passenger safety, and driver safety are our top priorities!

VIP Arrivals Party Bus is part of the AC Checker family!

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