Aerial shot of Paddleboarders in the Horan Natural Area

What better way to find refuge from the summer heat than a tranquil paddle through the estuaries, sloughs and islands on the Columbia River?

Paddleboarding in Wenatchee offers a serene, natural experience on the water that’s not too hard to get to.

First, if you need a board, hit up Riverfront Rock Gym or Arlberg Sports for a half or full-day rental. Both are located just a short walk to the river. Don’t forget a life jacket!

Next, it’s a short drive from downtown Wenatchee to the Horan Natural Area, Confluence State Park or Walla Walla Point Park. If you’re in East Wenatchee, try Hydro Park for easy access. You can also try the Go Paddling App to find spots to put your paddleboard in.

Sunset paddle on the Columbia River

Interim Marketing Director for Visit Wenatchee Niki Fahsholtz recommends visiting the the Horan Natural Area,

“It’s like a natural lazy river. The estuaries and sloughs from the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers are protected from motor traffic so it feels far removed from town.”  
Horan Natural Area

The sounds of birds fill the air, the waterways are full of fish below your board and the foliage with deer. You might even spot something larger.

“There is a moose that sometimes hangs out around the area. It’s a really calm experience in nature,” says Fahsholtz.

In addition to paddleboarding in Wenatchee being a relaxing, nature-filled experience, it also provides a good workout if you want to get one in – it's fairly low-intensity and builds upper body strength and core strength. iLa Yoga even offers private stand-up paddleboard yoga sessions if you want a more dynamic exercise on the water.

Walla Walla Park

Post-paddle, it’s easy to return your board (or pack your own back into your car) and walk to Wenatchee’s many breweries and restaurants. The Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company, Columbia Valley Brewing and Hard Hat Winery Tasting Room are on Walla Walla Ave, right along the Apple Capital Loop trail on the river.

Check out Wenatchee Outdoors for guidebooks on more paddleboarding spots in the Wenatchee Valley.

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