Did you know you can count the rings on a fish scale to determine its age, much like counting the rings on a tree?

Come learn, play, and celebrate at the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival! The three-day natural resource education event celebrates the return of the salmon to the Wenatchee River and explores the significance of salmon to people of the northwest.

From September 21-23 at the Rocky Reach Discovery Center, an exciting menu of hands-on activities provides all age groups with fun ways to connect humans and the environment. The event has School Days for students on September 21 and 22, and a Community Day open to all on September 23.

Check out someof the activities and exhibits offered:


·        Salmon Maze

·        Native American Village

·        Salmon Storytelling

·        Community Chalk Art Project

·        Giant Fish Aquarium

·        Pollinator Garden


To see the fulllist of activities or sign up to volunteer, visit www.salmonfest.org.


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