By Dominick BonnyWhile graduating from college I remember the president of the university relating that same tired platitude: “Just because you're graduating doesn't mean you're finished learning. Life is full of lessons. Never quit learning.” Platitudes are usually painfully annoying, this one is worth repeating every graduation season because it's a point worth burning into our brains. Lifelong learning is a concept worth embracing and putting into action in our lives whether we be 19, 90 or anywhere in between.Locally one of the best ways to expand your mind academically is by taking a class (or classes) through the Wenatchee Valley College Continuing Education program. Courses range from classes in professional skills like computer training and business classes to personal enrichment courses in topics like photography, music, cooking and arts and crafts.If entrepreneurship and marketing is more your focus, you can take one of the courses I'm teaching this winter: Social Media for Business. Most small businessmen and women have realized that social media as a marketing tool is a cheap and effective way to market your business, handle PR and communicate with customers (three different things). But unlike large corporations like Ford, Oreos and Starbucks, some small businesses have been slow to adopt social media as a marketing tool because they wanted to see if it was just a fad.Turns out, it's not.Something this cheap and widely used isn't going away. People didn't quit using their telephones after there was one in every household in the U.S. Social media is here to stay and if you want to learn more about how to leverage it for your business just go to, check out the class schedule and registration tab and sign up for that class.Another class I'm teaching is Blogging 101 starting Nov. 5. If you're interested in writing either personally or professionally in an online format, sign up and we'll spend a few evenings learning about choosing a platform, online writing, organization, developing your voice and more.But whether you sign up for one of my classes or not (seriously though, why wouldn't you? They're going to be fun-filled romp through a forest of words and websites with yours truly.) I encourage you to take a class about something that interests you. It doesn't even have to be at the college. Take a dance class with that special someone, take a cooking workshop with your kids, join a gym and do a circuit or expand your artistic abilities at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Two Rivers Art Gallery or any one of our myriad of artistic outlets in the Wenatchee Valley.The point is, we've only got one life to live and you ain't really living if you're not growing, learning and expanding your mind.

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