Perched on top of a hill covered in alpine meadows and shimmering pools, Ohme Gardens offers unique panoramic views of the Columbia River valley and Cascade Mountains.  The gardens are a perfect day getaway for nature lovers, families, or anyone looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This beautiful 9-acre garden, open to visitors in the spring through fall, is set to open next Monday, April 15th. With the gardens staying open most of the year, the changing weather patterns offer new and changing terrain, meaning the garden will always have something new to offer each time you visit.

Ohme Gardens has a rich history within the Wenatchee Valley, with the land first being purchased in 1929 by Herman Ohme. Ohme and his wife, Ruth, adored spending time on the land and dreamed that one day they could turn what was then a dry, desolate piece of land, into a green oasis filled with evergreens and lush meadows.

The Ohmes spent years transplanting evergreens from the Cascade Mountains, while creating pathways with native stones found in the Columbia River. Soon, the landscape that had once been covered in dry, bare shrubbery was quickly becoming covered in rich, green, native alpine plants and evergreens, with natural pools forming from rock formations. Years of hard work and determination paid off for the Ohmes, and they were finally able to enjoy the land the way they had always dreamed of, eventually inviting more and more friends and community to visit the land. In 1991, the Ohme family sold the land to Washington State Parks to be preserved and shared with the public.

With the land being open to the public for decades now, Ohme Gardens has become a place for community gatherings, events, day escapes, and a place where one can come to enjoy the serenity that the beautiful landscape offers.

Ohme Gardens hosts a number of exciting and engaging events each season, including comedy, yoga, and even movies in the gardens. While the specifics of these events have not yet been released for this year, there’s sure to be an activity for everyone including families, like the hidden gnome and fairies in the garden:

Gnomes and Fairies in the Garden- The perfect family-friendly activity, Ohme Gardens hides small gnomes and fairies around the gardens, often hiding in the trees, rocks, or among the flowers. Pick up a gnome and fairy map at the visitor center to start your adventure! Once completed, you can return your checked-off map to the visitor center to be entered into a monthly drawing for a prize. The gnomes and fairies are moved each month, so don’t forget to come back to try your luck at another entry for a prize!

The gardens will be open 7 days a week, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, with an admission rate of $8.00 per adult and $4.00 per youth (ages 6-17). For more information about admission rates, group rates, memberships, or directions to the gardens, click here.

We hope to see you there soon!








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