By the time October rolls around, many moms are finally feeling settled in a back-to-school routine. Some are four weeks deep into mimosas and book club while others have adopted a new routine that revolves around the schedules of their non-school-aged littles. No matter which camp you fall into, adopting a habit that supports your fitness goals while providing you the opportunity to get your gab on in the fresh air is never a bad idea.“Ready, Set, Run!” or RSR, is a local year-round women’s running group that welcomes ladies of all fitness levels to come and enjoy the Apple Capital Loop Trail together on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Each meetup starts off with a quick raffle where some kind of adorable fitness-related item is given away, along with RSR shirts to those who have reached an attendance milestone. After that, everyone gathers for a quick group photo and then all take off at their own pace.Whether you’re a jogger, a walker, a visitor, a runner on the mend, a new mom or a seasoned warrior with three kids under five years old, this group is welcoming to all women. RSR’s organizer, Stephanie Cosina, a competitive distance runner and certified running coach, designed the group to be an all-inclusive place for ladies to come together and make instant run-buddies. Having been a well-attended club for close to six years, I’d say she’s on to something.In case you’re worried you may not fit in, here are a few generalized RSR attendee profiles to convince you otherwise:“Long and steady”- For this gal, two hours away from the house is therapy so six miles (or even the entire Loop Trail at a little over ten) at a leisurely pace is just the ticket.“Short and sweet”: With a buddy in tow, this girl busts out a 5K and makes it back to Pybus for coffee and a scone at Cafe Columbia, all before 9AM.“The out-of-town guest”- This lady is visiting family for the week. While everyone slumbers until noon, she explores new scenery with some friendly locals.“The run-walker”- Relatively new to running, or perhaps getting back into it, this chick’s got goals. You’ll find her starting and stopping at various landmarks along the trail, confidently working her way up to her goal mileage.“Chatty walkers”- These gals ditch the water cooler for the Loop Trail, catching up on the week’s happs while powering through a 2-3 mile walk.“Retired grandmothers”- One of the ways these women get the energy to chase grandkids around all day is by putting in the miles each week with their friends.“New mom with a stroller”- Fresh air and exercise--the best medicine for both mom and baby. Plus, do you know how much easier a 5K race feels when you train with a stroller?“Veteran mom with a stroller, a scooter and a Strider bike”- It may look like herding cats, but this momma isn’t fazed. She generally has one or two other mom friends with her, each with her own tiny army, and they triumphantly make their way down the Loop Trail like the happiest little travelling circus.Personally, RSR helped drag me out of the trenches of new motherhood. I can attest to the group’s mission to, “celebrate, encourage and support women who run.” This kind of empowerment is fundamentally important, and while you can find it just as easily on your own, gaining it in the company of other like-minded individuals adds a special spark to the journey.See you out there!“Ready, Set, Run!” meets every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8:30am (7:30am in the summer) at the north end of the Pybus Public Market (3 N. Worthen St., Wenatchee). Free to attend, kids and dogs welcome!

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