WENATCHEE, WA, Oct 24, 2015 -- What are some of the things you do to take care of your own health? Maybe you make it a priority to spend time exploring outdoors each day, exercising your curiosity and your body. Do you foster your own sense of well-being and belonging by helping others? Are there traditions in your family around food, gatherings, and learning that contribute to your wellness? What are some of the things you do to feed your spiritual health?These are some of the questions that the Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship (IRIS), Community Choice Healthcare Network, and the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center are teaming up to explore through a new exhibit series set to launch this spring, “A Picture of Health in North Central Washington.” This photography show that will run at the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center March 11- April 29, 2016 will highlight stories from Grant, Douglas, Okanogan and Chelan counties about how people foster their individual health, as well as that of the communities and environment in which they live.“We believe everyone has a story that can inspire someone else,” said Nancy Warner, IRIS Program Manager. “Our goal for this series is to bring those stories to light so they can grow, broadening perspectives and spurring action along the way.”More than 80% of the practices that contribute to our health are outside the boundaries of what we think of as health care. “Where we live, what we eat, and who we spend time with far outweigh the influence of medical care in determining our health,” notes Deb Miller, Special Projects Manager for Community Choice.Our community institutions and workplaces can also foster health in our region as Freya Liggett, Moses Lake Museum and Art Center Manager, points out. “The exhibition is a chance for the museum to broaden our service goals,” she explained. “As a program of Moses Lake Parks & Recreation, maintaining a balanced wellness strategy is one of our key goals. Exploring the various aspects of wellness through the lens of photography in ‘A Picture of Health’ is a great way to stay true to the museum’s cultural mission, while expanding on a more rounded definition of wellness.”NCW photographers are invited to submit entries by January 8 for potential use in the exhibit. IRIS and Community Choice will be selecting approximately 20 photos illustrating all aspects of whole person health for the 2016 traveling exhibit. Additional photos from Grant County will be featured in the exhibit’s first stop at the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center.Photographers submitting entries via email are asked to use the subject line: A Picture of Health. To submit entries for potential use in the Picture of Health in NCW traveling exhibit email up to three photos with captions that answer the question, “What is your picture of health?” to irisncw@gmail.com. To be considered for the Grant County portion of the exhibit please submit up to three photos with captions to Moses Lake Museum & Art Center Manager Freya Liggett at fliggett@cityofml.comWarner and Miller began gathering examples of what people do to foster their own health starting last spring. A list of these can be seen by visiting the Picture of Health site on the Listening Post Network at www.irisncw.org For more information contact the IRIS office at 509-888-7374.

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