When Eastmont Parks and Recreation recently upgraded their outdoor tennis courts, they also added two pickleball courts, and like many areas in North America, they have seen the sport rapidly grow in popularity since construction was completed. The sport originated in the mid 1960’s at Bainbridge Island.While court sizes can vary, they are generally in the 20’ x 44’ size, with a 3-foot high net in the middle. The sport shares many features and rules found in other racquet sports. Players use solid paddles, serving the ball underhand from behind the baseline, diagonally over the net to the opponent’s service zone. Play consists of either singles or doubles formats. The Wenatchee Pickleball Club now has over 50 members, and they meet at the Eastmont Community Park courts Monday mornings at 8am, and Thursday evenings at 7pm. The club is free to join and open to all skill levels and ages. You can receive more information by calling Eastmont Parks & Recreation at 509-884-8015.

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