Flirting With The Social Media ConversationLife in Wenatchee Valley is a beautiful thing. We still talk face-to-face with our neighbors, meet with friends for lunch (or coffee) and say "hello" with a smile to strangers we pass on the sidewalk.Is there anyway to improve upon that?It appears there might be.While social media seems to have become a "buzz" phrase, there is one thing for sure - it's not going anywhere. The tabu associated with it though, can be a bit much to take.What does any business owner / manager need to know about this shift in our way of life?It isn't as scary as the evening news makes it out to beI have to admit, I stopped watching the evening news a few years ago. It's just too depressing. Rarely do they start the broadcast with "Breaking News: Man risks his life to save a dog (he didn't know) from an icy lake" {true story, by the way}When it comes to social media, all you see reported in the news are the worst-case-scenarios. Which causes such a panic for anyone who hasn't explored the digital lifestyle.What you can do:Start with your industry association. Research ways other businesses are succeeding with their social media efforts.

  • What sites/apps do they use?
  • How are they finding the time to get it all done?
  • Who do they enlist for their consumer engagement(s)? employees, ambassadors, VIPs?

My best advice?Play around with one of the social media channels you're interested in (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin). Once you understand the culture of the channel as an individual, you can begin to see how you would interact with your community as a business.Go ahead, give it a try! Then let's meet back here next month to keep the conversation going.Next up: Setting Realistic Social Media ExpectationsApril Welch is a Social Media Trainer and recovering organizing expert. She spends her days helping marketing decision makers become social media superstars with their online communities. When not connected to the internet she can be found dating her husband, watching her son's sporting events or giggling with friends and family in her kitchen (where she burns water on a regular basis). Find out more at or during one of her local workshops

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