Did you know you can save 45 gallons of water per week by limiting your showers to just 5 minutes?

At “Eco Wenatchee", a captivating new exhibit at the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center, you can learn about how your daily choices – like showering – have a profound impact on the environment, community, and economy. This bilingual temporary exhibit emphasizes that caring for the Earth is vital if we want the Wenatchee Valley to stay beautiful and healthy for all the plants, animals, and people that live in it.

The exhibit features six areas of sustainability – waste, consumption, transportation, energy use, environment, and food – where guests will learn about each subject's impact on the environment.

“One of the more impactful components of 'Eco Wenatchee’ is a large display of trash that helps guests see how much waste can accumulate, ”says Jessica Adams, Director of Development and Communications at the Museum. She also mentioned that most of the exhibit is also made from recyclable materials.

Guests of all ages can engage with the features and games of “Eco Wenatchee”. The exhibit features a reading nook with several children's picture books relating to topics in the exhibit. It also features an interactive energy game from the Chelan County PUD that gives guests an opportunity to see how different types of energy use and actions impact the environment. Different answers to the questions will move guests around a path that will direct them more toward a sustainable outcome or unsustainable outcome.

Living in one of the more beautiful areas of the state, residents of the Wenatchee Valley will be challenged to rethink and revamp their commitment to sustainable choices for the future of our community and natural landscapes.

Step into “Eco Wenatchee” and emerge with a wealth of knowledge and tools to make a real difference in your household habits and contribute positively to the local economy of Wenatchee! Learn more and make a visit before the exhibit ends.

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