Did you know that Washington State has a Veteran Owned Business Certification Program? It is the State’s way for veteran’s to certify their business and reap the rewards of being officially recognized as a Washington State Veteran Owned Business.The benefits of getting certified are;

  1. Eligibility to do business with Washington State Agencies, who are encouraged to do 5% of their purchasing with Veteran Owned Businesses.
  2. Eligibility for the Linked Deposit Program which can lower your business loan interest rate by up to 2%.
  3. Public recognition of your status as a Veteran Owned Business.

Even if you don’t plan to do business with the State of Washington, customers like to know they are patronizing Veteran Owned Businesses.To get certified click here:’s free. It’s quick. It‘s easy.As a final note, the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs is working hard to promote and serve Veteran Owned Businesses. Starting in April of 2015, WDVA will launch a Public Service Announcement radio campaign promoting Veteran Owned Businesses on over 60 stations in Washington State. Our goal is to bring awareness to the many businesses owned and operated by Washington’s Veterans!If you have any questions, please contact the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Owned Business Registry.Joshua Amos, Project ManagerWDVA Veteran Owned Business Registrywww.dva.wa.govvob@dva.wa.gov1-800-562-0132 option “1”

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