U.S. employees take more than 488 million business trips every year – an average of 1.3 million trips every day. And they’re traveling all over – from major hubs like New York and San Francisco to smaller cities and towns across the country. Projected spending on business travel for 2016 was $318.9 billion.

Traveling for work can be stressful – you’re in a new city where you might not know anyone, and you probably don’t know your way around. But being in a area that’s great for business travelers can make business trips simple – and even fun.

We ranked nearly 400 metro- and micropolitan areas across the U.S. to determine just where the best places for business travelers are. We evaluated each area on metrics like amenities, commute time, number of businesses and more. And we found that great destinations for business travelers span the entire country – large areas and small, East Coast and West, and everywhere in between. More

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